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If you’re interested in taking supplements to improve your health, you may be wondering what supplements are right for you. Whether you already have a healthy lifestyle or want to start living a healthy one, the supplements we’re discussing today will make a positive difference in your life for you and your family.


While the human body can produce many minerals and vitamins naturally, fish oil is something that cannot be obtained naturally, so you will need a supplement that will allow you to get what your body needs. That is, even if you eat fish regularly, you would have to eat a very large amount every day.

For many people, eating fish once or twice a week will not allow them to achieve their goals, so they will need a supplement such as HSN Essentials omega 3.

The key is to make sure you are consuming more omega 3 than omega 6. Most people have diets that are high in omega-6 fats, which cause inflammation, but what you really want is to consume more omega-3 because it has anti-inflammatory benefits. So you should increase your fish oil intake to reduce triglycerides, reduce the risk of heart attacks, recover faster after exercise, improve brain health, reduce the chances of diabetes and even lose body fat. It also brings these benefits and more for older people, including improved memory and cognitive processes associated with aging.


It has always been said that natural is the best thing for health, but krill oil exceeds any characteristic when compared to other products of animal origin. While fish oil receives a lot of attention in health communities, krill oil is just as important even if it does not receive the same attention.

Krill is a small crustacean at the bottom of the food chain, and is an important source of nutrients and protein for many marine animals. In fact, it could be said that Krill is the largest biomass of species on the planet, due to its incredible number of members. This also means that krill can easily be collected by man, without having a negative impact on global numbers.

Krill is obtained in different ways around the world, it is harvested to produce food for aquariums, bait and medicine. Also, in Japan krill is used as a food source for people on a regular basis, although it has recently gained more attention for the oil it produces. The reason is that it has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, very similar to that found in other fish such as salmon or tuna.

The list of benefits of Krill oil is immense, here I will only mention a few: it benefits heart health, improves anti-inflammatory activity, reduces anxiety, combats the aging process, improves digestive health, regulates menstrual behavior, improves memory, detoxifies the body and in general is a non-toxic oil.

If you want to obtain all these benefits, superba krill oil is an excellent choice.

Vitamin D

Just as fish oil is important, so is vitamin D intake. Research states that the general population does not have optimal blood levels, largely due to diet. Although the largest source of vitamin D is sunlight, the sun does not present with the same intensity all year round to ensure you adequate amounts of vitamin D. In addition, even though you often leave home, most of your body is always covered by clothing (and sometimes by sunscreen), blocking the benefits the sun could give you (and also the harms of course).

Although the consumption of vitamin D may not cure anything, what is certain is that its consumption will improve everything in your body.

Whey Protein

Although a high amount of omega-3 and vitamin D are important for daily intake, whey protein is not a supplement you really need; however, it’s an excellent idea to consume it.

This type of protein offers great benefits, has a lot of amino acids which play an important role in building muscles, muscle recovery and even weight loss. More importantly, protein is a convenient and fast source of high quality calories. If you add some fruit, you’ll have a rich merengue that takes just 60 seconds to make.