MS1.  Nonlinear dynamics in MEMS/NEMS

M.I. Younis (USA), E.M. Abdel-Rahman (Canada), F. Najar (Tunisia), N. Kacem (France)

MS2.  Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcations and analysis of chaos in electrical and electromechanical systems

A. El Aroudi (Spain), D. Giaouris (Greece)

Keynote: Bruno G.M. Robert (France)

Analyzing Complex dynamics and chaos in electrical energy conversion systems

MS3.  Structural health monitoring

C. Farrar (USA), A. Deraemaeker (Belgium)

Keynote: Sami F. Masri (USA)

An Overview of Vision-Based Approaches for Health Monitoring and Condition Assessment of Infrastructure Systems

MS4.  New vibration absorbers and control devices: Piezo-electric systems, energy harvesting and nonlinear energy sinks

G. Kerschen (Belgium), C.H. Lamarque (France), A. Luongo (Italy)

Keynote: Francesco dell'Isola (Italy)

Piezoelectromechanical Structures: a new concept for vibration control

MS5.  Analytical methods in nonlinear dynamics

M. Belhaq (Morocco), K.W. Chung (HK), V. Gelfreich (UK)

Keynote: Ivana Kovacic (Serbia)

Analytical methods for oscillators with single-term power-form nonlinearities: from Lyapunov's ideas to recent contributions

MS6.  Deterministic and stochastic dynamics and control of nonlinear systems

J.M. Balthazar (Brazil), P.B. Gonçalves (Brazil), M. Hajj (USA), S. Lenci (Italy)

Keynote: Eduardo Souza de Cursi (France)

Uncertainty quantification in dynamical systems

MS7.  Time-delayed feedback control: theory and application

S. Gurevich (Germany)

MS8.  Stability of rotating machines

J. Mahfoud (France), A. El-Shafei (Egypt)

MS9.  Aerospace and naval structures: mathematical modeling, nonlinear dynamical behavior and control designs

R.M.L.R.F. Brasil (Brazil), A. Fenili (Brazil), C.P.F. Francisco (Brazil), J.M. Balthazar (Brazil)

Keynote: E. Jarzebowska (Poland)

Quasi-coordinates based dynamics control design for constrained systems

MS10.  Nonlinear dynamics at rotor stator contact

R. Markert (Germany), P. Keogh (UK)

MS11.  Dynamics, control and monitoring of composites structures

M.N. Ichchou (France), M. Collet (France)

MS12.  Multiple time scale dynamical systems

J. Starke (Denmark), P. Szmolyan (Austria)

MS14.  Slow-fast dynamics and bifurcations in dynamical systems: mathematical methods and applications

A. Aziz-Alaoui (France), N. Popovic (UK), J.P. Françoise (France), B. Ambrosio (France), R. Yafia (Morocco)

MS15.  Nonlinear thermal instability

B.S. Bhadauria (India), I. Hashim (Malaysia), R. Rozaini (Malaysia)

MS16.  Optimization and reliability in structural vibrations

A. El Hami (France), B. Radi (Morocco)

Keynote: A. El Hami (France)

A new approach of reliability-based design optimization in embedded electronics and mechatronical system

MS17.  Recent advances on nonlinear PDEs and their dynamics


MS18.  Linear and nonlinear phenomena in advanced physics

M. Taki (France), U. Al Khawaja (United Arab Emirates)