MS1.  Structural health monitoring

M. Collet (France), M.N. Ichchou (France)

MS2.  Complex Systems, Networks and Synchronization

M. Aziz Alaoui (France), Cyrile Bertelle (France)

MS3.  Nonlinear dynamics of MEMS / NEMS

M.I. Younis (USA), E.M. Abdel-Rahmane (Canada)

MS4.  Recent advances on nonlinear PDEs and their dynamics

E.S. Titi (USA)

MS5.  Vibro-impact dynamics

J. Perret-Liaudet (France), V. Babitsky (UK)

MS6.  Time-delayed feedback control: theory and application

B. Fiedler (Germany), E. Schöll (Germany)

MS7.  Multiscale, fast slow dynamics and applications

J. Starke (Denmark)

MS8.  Identification of nonlinear systems

M. Hajj (USA), K. Asfar (USA)

MS9.  Nonlinear dynamics in atomic force microscopy

W. Arnold (Germany)

MS10.  Active vibration control and smart structures

L. Azrar (Morocco), A. Benjeddou (France)

MS11.  Asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics

M. Belhaq (Morocco), K. W. Chung (Hong Kong)

MS12.  Bifurcations and chaos in mechanical/mechatronical systems

J. Awrejcewicz (Poland), P. Hagedorn (Germany)

MS13.  Passive control of structures via nonlinear energy sinks

A. Luongo (Italy), C.H. Lamarque (France)

MS14.  Hydrodynamic instability and heat transfer

M. Hasnaoui (Mor), S. Saravanan (Ind), B.S Bhadauria (Ind)